Saturday, 19 July 2008

Ramsey Island - A Bit of Rough 19/07/2008

With the wind still quite strong and there being spring tides I decided to finish my week down West the way I started, with a trip around Ramsey Island, but in the opposite direction.

I left Porthsele just as the north flowing flood tide was starting to flow. I paddled straight through the sound to Pen Dal-aderyn and then across to the island with very little resistance from the tide. It was sheltered from the wind as I paddled southwards towards the Devil's Hole.

As soon as I rounded the southern end of Ynys Cantwr the wind hit me and the sea conditions changed drastically. As is often the case here there were large standing waves through the Devil's Hole but with the tide with me it was just a matter of pointing the kayak and enjoying the ride.

There were similar conditions all the way to Abermawr but with the tide aiding me it was a fast, wet and enjoyable paddling.

A Fulmar also enjoying the sheltered water

I had a brief rest stop in the sheltered water of the bay then it was onto the next rough water of Trwyn-drain-du where the tide flow runs close into the cliffs at this point and again creates overfalls.

On reaching Bay Ogof Hen at the northern end of Ramsey it was decision time, whether to return back to Porthsele or try yet again to get some decent pictures of the Manx Shearwaters. I decided on the latter but it was still too early so decided to paddle down to the Bitches which should be flowing quite fast now.

There was a bit of adverse tide at Trwyn Ogof Hen but a quick sprint and I was into the south flowing counter eddy that took me nicely down to the Bitches.

After a good half an hour playing on the wave and in the surrounding water it was back off northwards through the sound in search of the Manx Shearwater yet again.

I paddled out past the northern tip of the island and out into the main tide stream. Unlike yesterday the main mass of Shearwaters were a lot further out and with the tide flowing very fast and getting rougher the further out I went I decided not to risk going out any further and made do with photos of the odd few birds that were closer towards land, maybe another day, but soon they will be heading off to South America for the winter so it will be probably next year.

Still it was a good way to end my week with differing sea conditions covering a distance of 11 nautical miles (12.75 miles or 20.5 km) attaining a maximum speed of 10 knots.

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