Thursday, 1 January 2009

In with the New 01/01/2009

First a massive thank you must go out to Sian and Alan of Pencarnan for the festivities and fireworks last night to bring in the New Year. Not such a big thank you for the invitation of a morning dip though!!! It certainly made me appreciate the drysuit more if that was possible, and it certainly cleared away any after effects of last night!

When the feeling eventually came back to my feet I ventured back out to sea, this time fully kitted out in drysuit and thermals!

Today I thought I would have a paddle out to St David's Head and then let the southerly flowing ebb tide take me down to the bottom of Ramsey Sound and then follow the coast back to Porthsele.

It wasn't as sunny as yesterday but the sea was still calm except today there was a bit of surf rolling in at Whitesands.

I paddled out past Porth Melgan, on to St David's Head and then into the tide stream which took me quickly down to Gwahan, the small rock north of Ramsey Island, passing 2 porpoises on the way.
As usual the sea got a little bit lively and before I knew it I was breaking out of the current at the NE corner of Ramsey and having a break in the calm of Ogof Velvet.

I carried on after a brief stop back into the main tide stream through Ramsey Sound, passing the confused water around Horse Rock where numerous birds were feeding in the churned up water.

Reaching the mainland opposite the Bitches I have to paddle a little quicker so as not to be taken by the tide out past Pen Dal-adeyrn and into St Brides Bay as can be seen by the lobster pot buoy.

It is then a leisurely paddle along the coast passing a deserted St Justinian, on to St John's point and finally back to Porthsele.

A great way to begin 2009. Never mind how many times I paddle this part of the coastline I never get bored of it with the strong tide races, rugged cliffs and fascinating wildlife.

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