Sunday, 25 January 2009

Where's the Wind Then?! 25/01/09

After watching the forecasts all week I had resigned to another weekend of no paddling due to the predicted high winds, so I was rather surprised to wake up yesterday to very light winds.

Checking the internet force 8 was forecast with possible 10 later, so we took a trip to Up and Under's new shop on Penarth Road which is dedicated mostly to paddling. Quite impressive with plenty of space to view all the goodies.

The wind eventually picked up late afternoon with high winds forecast all day for Sunday. So again, much to my surprise, I woke up this morning to hardly any wind. Checking the internet again, this was not forecast, so thinking that the wind would increase at any time I decided to go for a short paddle on the River Taff.

With the recent rain the river was a lot higher than usual and flowing quite fast. Paddling about a mile and a half upstream certainly got the old ticker and arms pumping, good practice for paddling against tide streams!

The return trip back down the river was a lot faster but I prolonged the paddle by constantly ferry gliding back and forth across the river, again more practice for crossing tide streams.

I didn't attempt to go down the weir today, far too gnarly!

The wind again didn't pick up until late afternoon so I don't know what was going on with the forecasts but they don't usually get it wrong. I think I made the right decision not to venture out to sea especially this time of year.

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