Thursday, 2 September 2010

The First Throws of Autumn 02/09/2010

With the wind decreasing as the day went on I paddled out of Porthsele in the late afternoon and out past St David's Head and into the Southerly flowing ebbing tide stream.

The further I paddled out the calmer the sea got with hardly a breath of wind. There was also hardly a sound, a few weeks ago at this time of the day the sky and sea would have been amass of birds returning back to their nests for the night, but today there was hardly a bird in sight looks like Summer is over and Autumn is on it's way.
I paddled out a bit further and then just sat and let the ebbing tide take me down towards the West coast of Ramsey Island still with the eerie silence all around me.

As I draw level with the large beach of Abermawr I started to paddle back in towards the Island where, although flat calm, there is quite a fast tide race but using some eddys I make my way against the flow back up to the North of Ramsey.

Paddling along the North side of Ramsey the rock formations are highlighted by the slowly setting sun. Rounding Trwyn - Sion - Owen I encounter more tide flow as I paddle into Bay Ogof Hen.

As I paddle into the sheltered bay I spot a seal pup on a rocky ledge, keeping my distance manage to take a half decent photo after quite a few attempts with the pup's mum keeping a watchful eye on me.

I paddle northward away from Ramsey out toward the small rock of Gwahan as the sun drops lower in the clear sky and as a result the temperature starts to drop, Autumn is definately on the way.

Reaching Gwahan I stop paddling and just float on the glassy sea and watch the sun as it drops nearer the horizon where a mist is starting to form as the temperature starts to drop even more, I could have done with my long sleeved cag.

I float around for a little longer, it's not that often the sea is as flat as this, well not when I am out paddling anyway so I make the most of it before returning to Porthsele.  A cracking paddle in near perfect conditions but with a definate chill in the air.

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