Wednesday, 1 September 2010

How Big Was That Fish?! 01/09/2010

After Bobby and Harry's first fishing trip last night when Harry caught his first fish, a one a half pound Bass, it seemed a bit over the top when the Fishery Protection Vessel Cranogwen steamed into the bay and dropped anchor!
All was ok whey they learnt the fish, on Harry's insistence,had been returned to the sea to fight another day.

It was only to be a short paddle today as Tracy had an appointment with the Doctors for a twisted ankle, which would probably lead to a trip to sample the delights of Withybush A & E!
I paddled down to the Bitches where the last of the flood tide was creating just enough tide flow to have a bit of fun in.Reaching the outermost Bitch (rock) there were quite a few birds enjoying the warm sunshine. Just right for spending a few hours in casualty!!
Leaving the birds to their sunbathing I break into the main tide race and let it take me Northward back up through Ramsey Sound.
Halfway on my paddle back I meet up with Elliot and Will in their inflatables on their first excursion into Ramsey Sound, they couldn't have picked a better day for it.
Arriving back at Porthsele I am greeted by Bobby and Harry on their bodyboards waiting in vain for an elusive wave!


soundoftheseagull said...

Great post did you eat the bass?

Richard said...

No the bass was released to fight another day on Harry's insistence, he couldn't bear the thought of killing it.