Friday, 3 September 2010

Ramsey Island 03/09/2010

Normal service was resumed after yesterdays perfect conditions with the wind picking up again and creating quite a large swell. I crossed a choppy Ramsey Sound and made my way Southward towards the Bitches.  

As I approached the Bitches I was passed by the Thousand Islands Expedition RIB just leaving Ramsey. The Northerly flowing flood tide was easing just enough for me to be able to paddle against it and through the Bitches to continue Southward.

After my sprint through the Bitches I stopped for a breather near the arch at Penrhyn Twll looking back at the farmhouse above Aberfelin.

I was about to use the swell to paddle through the arch until I spotted a large black head with 2 large eyes staring back at me.  I made a quick exit not waiting to incur the wrath of another bull seal.

Reaching Twll y Dillyn conditions seemed pretty calm so I decided to carry on and paddle along the West side of Ramsey.

As I paddled through the gap between Midland Isle and Ynys Bery I passed over some large swell, turning the kayak I saw a large set of waves crashing against Ynys Bery, looks like I timed it just right.

Paddling out of Bay Dillyn and rounding Trwynmynachdy the swell didn't subside, this could be an interesting paddle.

I kept my distance from the cliffs as I paddled past the steep pebbled beach of Porth Lleuog and the surrounding coast.

As I continue northward along the West coast of Ramsey I stopped at all the small headlands and watched with awe at the power of the sea, what a difference to yesterday.

Paddling between Carreg-gwlan and Ramsey the waves were being funnelled into a small inlet creating quite impressive spray. 

The spectacular show continued as I paddled further northward although the pictures don't really do it justice.

As is often the case when I reach Abermawr the conditions calm and as I paddle along the North of Ramsey there are only larges patches of white foam as a reminder of the swell I've just  paddled through.

An exhiliarating paddle in the end considering I didn't really have any idea where I was going to paddle today.

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