Sunday, 22 May 2011

Thank Heaven For The CIWW 22-05-2011

With the rather inclement weather putting pay to any Sea Kayaking so far in May, the Cardiff International White Water Centre (CIWW) has meant I have been able to paddle on a few occasions with the weather having no impact.
Today Adrian and Sian were running an Ultra Marathon from Brecon to Cardiff, Elliott joined me for his first paddle at CIWW and in fact his first paddle on any moving water.

As usual I had a great time playing on the standing waves  and as usual spent a fair amount of time being thrown around and upside down, still good rolling practice.

Elliott did amazingly well especially as this was his first time on moving water and even though he has only been paddling for 6 or 7 months he already has a bombproof roll.

A very enjoyable but tiring few hours were spent at the CIWW before we made our way to the Skate Park on the Cardiff Bay Barrage to watch Lewis, Bobby and Harry performing some tricks on their skateboards and scooter before heading to Sophia Gardens to watch the finish of the Ultra Marathon.

Congratulations to Adrian and Sian who both completed the 52 mile run and both looked remarkably fresh.  I think I will stick to Kayaking it's much easier sitting down.


Taran Tyla said...

Nice, but I wanna see you take your sea boat down the course next time :)

stoney (Martyn) said...

Look at Sian, she's as fresh as a daisy there! Adrian looks like he's had enough though.
Might have to come down one day and sample the WW course - looks good.