Monday, 30 May 2011

Ramsey Sound Playground 30-05-2011

With the last 2 days surf dropping and the wind easing Bobby was very keen to get back in his kayak which was good as his confidence took a bit of a knock since his last venture out in the surf, but today he coped really well.

I was back in the Nordkapp after spending the last 2 days in the playboat and the surf kayak. After seeing Bobby safely back on Terra Firma I paddled out to have a play in the overfalls at Carreg Gafeilliog at the North end of Ramsey Sound.

After spending an hour or so playing in the rough water I paddled South through Ramsey Sound to Pen Dal-aderyn using a counter flow to aid my progress against the main North flowing tide race.

At Pen Dal-aderyn I paddled into the North flowing flood tide race and started my ferry glide across to the Bitches.

It was quite a bumpy paddle but I was soon tucked in behind the outermost Bitch where I had a rest before paddling across the Bitches to Ramsey Island.

The flood tide was starting to ease but the Viking Explorer RIB still had to put on a spurt to get up through the Bitches.

After a play in the confused white water I paddle back across the Bitches and back out  into the North flowing tide flow.

As usual it was a fast bumpy ride with waves coming from all angles but still great fun.

After a few hundred yards the sea calmed but was still flowing at a fair pace and I was soon approaching St John's Point and nearly back at Porthsele.

No great distance but good to be back in the Nordkapp. I never get bored of paddling in Ramsey Sound, what an awesome piece of water and always to be treated with the utmost respect.


Taran Tyla said...

Nice pics, I'm itching to get back to Ramsey & looking at your blog is making it worse :)

stoney (Martyn) said...

I echo Tarans comments - gagging to go paddling! Not long until I'll be there, July 31st.
Still no boat though :(

Stuart said...

Some great pictures of the Bitches. I thought Bobby was brave for a moment scrolling down to the pictures of the waves.