Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Few Of The Sights 02-06-2011

Yet again the wind was putting pay to any paddling of any distance but with Kurt arriving last night and Simon driving all the way from the Lake District they were both understandably keen to get on the water.

Even though the forecast was not too clever we decided to give it a go and hopefully show Simon some of the sights. So with Chris joining us we paddled into Ramsey Sound and out towards Gwahan.

Reaching Gwahan we disturb 3 Shags trying to get some shelter from the increasing wind and then break back into the Southerly flowing ebb tide and let it take us to the North of Ramsey Island.

We explore some of the caves in the North of the Island before paddling back into Ramsey Sound and South along the Island.

We paddle into more caves en route to the Bitches where the tide is now almost slack, which was a shame as the Bitches must have looked pretty tame to Simon.
We decide to begin our paddle back just as the wind picks up even more which seems to be the norm recently, but at least the sun is trying to break through.
Only a short paddle which was a shame as we didn't have the chance to show Simon more of Ramsey Island but at least we managed a paddle and showed him a few of the sights.

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