Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fancy A Pint? 26-06-2011

When Eurion phoned and asked if I fancied a Sunday lunchtime pint I didn't think it wouldn't be as simple as turning up at a pub!

Eurion had heard that a pub had been opened on Flat Holm so we found ourselves paddling out across the World's 2nd biggest tidal range, dodging the occasional ship on the way, not the usual relaxing Sunday lunchtime pint!

As we were out in the Bristol Channel it seemed rude not to pay a visit to Flat Holm's neighbouring island so we made a slight detour and we were soon at Steep Holm.

We paddled clockwise around Steep Holm used the still flooding tide to push us along effortlessly.

Eurion stared longingly at the remains of the island's inn but he would have to wait a little longer for his lunchtime pint!

Paddling around the SE corner of Steep Holm we pass 2 of the island's WWII searchlight posts

Approaching Rudder Rock Eurion is obviously working up a thirst and points out that Flat Holm is only just around the corner.

Eurion is dwarfed below the aptly named Rudder Rock with another searchlight post perched on top.

Rounding Rudder Rock we start our paddle over to Flat Holm and on nearing the island Eurion is convinced he can smell hops!

Landing on the island I mention to Eurion that a couple sat on the grass don't have any clothes but he didn't seem too bothered until another couple pass us also starkers!

En route to the pub we encounter many of the island's Gulls who are very protective toward their chicks and also more naked people, lets hope they have put plenty of sun cream on their extremities!

We finally get our lunchtime pint in The Gull and Leek served by the Warden come landlord who asks why we are so over dressed as there is a nudist weekend hence all the bare flesh.
After a very refreshing and enjoyable pint we have a wander around the island dodging swooping gulls and the occasional nudist. Walking back to the kayaks we bump into Stuart, Taran and Jules who, like us, are making the most of the near perfect conditions.

We have a quick chat before going our seperate ways with Eurion and myself  starting our paddle back to the mainland suitably refreshed.

We pass the Wolves Buoy and are soon paddling back to the Sully YC slipway across a glassy flat sea.
A cracking paddle in near perfect conditions with the added bonus of a refreshing pint en route, nice one Eurion and it was good to finally meet up with Stuart and Taran.


eurion said...

Cracking photos of the trip.
Wondering if I should make this my local!

Richard said...

Sounds a good call to me.

Stuart said...

Nicely put together. Was a fab day for it.