Friday, 3 June 2011

Some Of The Caves Of Ramsey Island 03-06-2011

As has been the case all week the forecast once again wasn't too promising, so with no plan as such I paddled out from Porthsele out toward St David's Head and see what occurs.

I was in two minds whether to paddle around Ramsey but was a bit concerned about wind against tide in Ramsey Sound on my paddle back so I aired on the side of caution and paddled into Bay Ogof Hen at the North of Ramsey and explore some of the caves.

The cave above must be one of the longest on Ramsey and runs right through the headland of Trwyn-Sion-Owen.

I couldn't get right through the cave so I started to paddle round the headland to the other entrance bumping into Tim and Arnold of Venture Jet. Tim always seems to take great pleasure in tearing up to me pretending he hasn't seen me and then doing an emergency stop soaking everyone on the boat.

After having a quick chat with the two of them I paddle to the other entrance of the cave, I think it would be a bit of a struggle to paddle through it.

I decided to paddle around the next headland of Trwyn-drain-du where there are a few more caves to explore, a large Bull seal decides to tag along with me

I paddle into Ogof Organ which is full of foam caused from the occasional sets of largish waves that are funnelled into the cave.

Leaving Ogof Organ I am rejoined by the Bull seal, I am obviously encroaching on his manor.

The next cave I paddle into is Ogof Tywod which has a large main entrance and a smaller one off to the side.

I paddle back along the North of Ramsey and then Southward along the Eastern side of the Island where I come across a small cave I have not noticed before.

Close by the cave there is a small channel which comes to a dead end with a small arch in the middle which again I have not noticed before.

Paddling South the tide looks just right to paddle through the cave that pierces the headland between Rhod Uchaf and Rhod Isaf.

It is an easy paddle through the cave and I am soon at the Bitches which are starting to build up speed.

I have a bit of a play in the white water before starting my paddle Northward back up through Ramsey Sound.

Just like in Ogof Organ there are large patches of foam as I speed along effortlessly aided by the flooding tide.
Again not a paddle of much distance but I found a new cave and small arch, Ramsey Island always seems to throw something up, I guess that is why I enjoy paddling here so much.


stoney (Martyn) said...

Now that looks interesting!
Going to have to go looking for those caves, and a surprise arch aswell.
Will be down 30th July onwards.

soundoftheseagull said...

Thats one hell of a paddle for scenery and seas

Richard said...

I am sure Martyn will agree with me when I say Ramsey is a very special place.
As you say Dave it has a bit of everything and I really do appreciate how lucky I am to paddle here on a regular basis.