Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Bit of Everything 03/04/2010

Today brought more sunshine, but also a stronger wind, so with the high tide in the morning it was ideal to take Bobby to Solva for a paddle.

We were there just in time for Bobby to have a play on the River Solva before the tide started to go out.

Solva, as is often the case, was sheltered from the wind and with most of the boats still out of the water there was plenty of room for Bobby to paddle around.

After well over an enjoyable hour's paddling we returned back to the now jammed car park before the tide went out too far and with Bobby suitably tired out, well for an hour or two anyway!

Paddling out of Porthsele later, there were a few reasonable sized waves rolling in, which were good fun and a chance to check my roll was still ok!

I wouldn't be going too far today again and like yesterday I paddled over to Carreg Gafeilliog and paddled through the narrow channels between the rocks.
There was a much larger swell today with waves breaking over the rocks so I had to keep my wits about me.Ramsey Sound seemed to be sheltered from the wind so I decided to take advantage of the ebbing tide and paddle down to the Bitches.

Reaching the Bitches the tide was still flowing pretty fast but at least it was sheltered from the wind allowing a Cormorant to dry out it's feathers.

I found a good stretch of water between two of the Bitches to have a bit of a play, with the swell making it a bit more interesting.

On my paddle back I used the eddy near the island which is flowing the other way to the main flow up as far as Trwyn Ogof Hen where I then ferry glide back across to the mainland.

Reaching Fisherman's Point the swell is causing the blowhole to work well spraying large amounts of water into the air. Not a bad day again with a bit of everything - a paddle for Bobby, some surf, a bit of rockhopping and tide streams.

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stoney (Martyn) said...

Always best to check your roll is still OK!