Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Spot Of Speleology 04/04/2010

With the wind increasing yet again I decided to hug the mainland coast of Ramsey Sound and explore some of the numerous small caves. The first I came across was too small to get right in at this state of the tide.

Passing St Justinian I paddled into Ogof Mary where the water is pouring down the entrance from the springs above.

Paddling out of Ogof Mary I make my way around the small arch as the tide is too low to paddle through today.
I paddle on southward to Maen Bachau where the cliffs are riddled with many small caves in a small area of coastline. The first two I encounter are linked by a small tunnel above the high water mark.

A little further along there is another small cave which is submerged at high water, again water is dripping from above the cave entrance.

In the corner of Maen Bachau there are another two caves. During the seal pupping season the caves around here often have pups in them and the sounds coming from the caves can be very eerie. There has been instances where even the lifeboat has been called out after seal calls being mistaken for someone in trouble.

The next cave I come to I enter through a narrow entrance that opens out into a larger chamber with another entrance at right angles to where I came in.

There is room to turn the kayak around and the lifeboat station can just be seen through one of the entrances, I then leave the cave the way I came in.

Paddling on I pass the entrances to another three caves, the cliffs are riddled with them and like today they are often sheltered from the prevailing SW winds therefore making it an ideal place for the seals.

Entering the next cove there is a rope stretched across the entrance, at first I thought it was for coasteering but on closer examination I found that it was a lobster pot which must have been washed in during the recent gales.

Following the rope I find the end pot, I couldn't get close enough but it seemed empty so no lobster for my tea!
Retracing my route in and out of the inlets and rocks I begin my paddle back to Porthsele. Again I managed to get on the water though I am not sure about tomorrow as a Force 8 is apparently on the way!

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