Friday, 2 April 2010

British Summertime !!!! 02/04/2010

Ever since British Summertime officially started last Sunday the weather has gone downhill and today was no exception.

Paddling out of Porthsele and towards Whitesand's Bay I was luckily just on the edge of one of the frequent heavy showers so I didn't get too much of a soaking.
Reaching St David's Head the sea was pretty confused with the strong wind against the big Spring tide whipping up some interesting conditions.

I tried paddling Northward for a bit but I was making very slow progress against the tide even with the wind behind me, so turning round I let the tide do the work and take me Southward towards Ramsey Island.

Even with the wind against me I was averaging between 5.5 knots and 6.5 knots with little effort and was pretty surprised to see a couple of Porpoise going in the other direction with ease.

After speeding past Gwahan I stop and look out to sea at North Bishop and back at the St David's Peninsula with a large area of blue sky above which makes a pleasant change.

Reaching the North end of Ramsey I am finally sheltered, slightly, from the cold wind and with the tide still low it gives me a good chance to explore the caves in Bay Ogof Hen.

Entering the largest cave in the bay I have to dodge a deluge of water running off the cliffs above, a sure sign of the quantity of rain we have had over the last few days.

It was reasonably dry inside the cave but on the paddle back out I had to run the gauntlet of the dripping cold water.

On the cliffs above the caves I spot a couple of the first of Ramsey's newborn lambs trying to shelter from the rather inclement weather.

Rounding Trwyn Ogof Hen I was going to paddle down to the Bitches but the sky was darkening again and I felt the first drops of another approaching rainstorm so cutting my losses I started my ferry glide back across Ramsey Sound.

The rain passed over as quick as it came so I took a slight detour over to the rocky outcrop of Carreg Gafeilliog and have a paddle between the numerous jagged rocks.

It is only a short paddle back into Porthsele completing a circuit of just over 6 nautical miles (11.5kms), not too bad considering the changeable conditions and the big tides. I wonder what the rest of the Easter weekend has in store.


Stuart said...

Nice to see you got out whatever the weather! The conditions you met around St Davids head looked a lot like the one's I met on the west side of Skomer this weekend, scary stuff!

Richard said...

It can be a bit temperamental even on calm days look forward to reading your blog.