Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Carreg Rhoson 26-04-2011

Yesterday's sea kayaking was again cancelled due to high winds but I managed to get on the water and have a bit of fun in the surf.
Back in the Nordkapp but with no real paddling plan and the forecast not too promising I paddled straight out from Porthsele passing a fishing boat on the way and just see what occurs.

In a short time I was out by Carreg-trai a rocky outcrop about 1.5 nautical miles West of St David's Head.
Passing Carreg-trai I altered my course and had the wind help my progress to Carreg Rhoson one of the rocks that make up the Clerks.

I paddle past the arch that pierces one of the rocks that make up Carreg Rhoson and then have a rest out of the wind and decide on my next move.

I decide to go with the now ebbing tide and paddle to the South of Ramsey Island passing the exposed rock of Llech Uchaf which can cause a bit of turbulence between Ramsey and the Bishops and Clerks.

I make quick progress down the West side of Ramsey aided by the wind and tide with the showers of rain easing off and then starting again.

There was a little adverse tide as I paddled through Twyll y Dillyn and then Northward up through Ramsey Sound passing numerous seals hauled out on the beach at Foel Fawr.

I was a little worried as I paddled up to the Bitches in case  the South flowing ebb tide was too strong to paddle against  but I paddled through easily.

I paddled Northward along the East of Ramsey to Trwyn Ogof Hen and then ferry glided across Ramsey Sound being passed by a smart looking sailing boat . A paddle of 10 nautical miles not bad considering I didn't have a clue where I was going when I set off earlier.

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