Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Easter Break At Last 21-04-2011

After what seemed like an eternity we were finally back down West for a longer than usual Easter break due to a Royal Wedding and numerous Bank Holidays. Conditions were ideal for a leisurely paddle around Ramsey Island hopefully culminating in a sunset.

There was a little adverse tide as I crossed from Pen Dal-adeyrn over to Ramsey Island across an unusually glassy flat Ramsey Sound.

The tide was back in my favour as I paddled through the gap between Ynys Cantwr and Midland Isle.

The West side of Ramsey was also unusually very calm with no swell, hopefully this is a good sign for the next week, though I somehow doubt it!

With the sun dropping ever lower in the clear blue sky it was creating some interesting colours and shadows on the West facing cliffs of Ramsey.

It was also looking promising for a sunset as I looked Westward out to the Bishops and Clerks.

As I paddled along the North of Ramsey there was a slight mist starting to appear but the sunset was still looking promising.

Crossing back across Ramsey Sound the sun was disappearing behind the North of the Island creating some unusual colours on the large upwellings.

Reaching the mainland I stopped paddling and just floated watching the sun sink lower toward the horizon and North Bishop.

The sun finally disappeared behind North Bishop and I paddled the short distance back to Porthsele to complete a very leisurely evening paddle around Ramsey Island.  Lets hope the rest of the holiday continues in the same vein.


eurion said...

Looked like a great beginning to the long weekend . . . I'm waiting with anticipation to see if you made it to The Holm!
Really like the new look of the site.

Richard said...

Will tell you in advance didn't make it to Grassholm. Thought about it but for most of the week there was a strong Northerly wind which would have been wind against tide on my return.
I see you didn't make it out to Lundy either?

stoney (Martyn) said...

Now they really were near perfect conditions, gets me feeling all emotional sitting here!
Can't wait to get down soon.