Saturday, 16 April 2011

Nells Point Coastwatch Station 16-04-2011

After receiving an email from Stuart saying that Peter from the Nells Point Coastwatch Station near Barry Island wanted some photos of mine, the family and I found ourselves at Nell's Point overlooking the Bristol Channel.

The National Coastwatch Institution was set up in 1994 and is a voluntary organisation and aims to keep a visual watch on the seas around the British Isles from various lookout stations around the coast.
Nells Point Station was built on the site of an old Coastguard station and was the first NCI station in Wales opening in 2007. Luckily Harry managed to remove his head from the gates without the need of any help from the station.

The two photos above were the ones Peter was interested in for an exhibition they are putting on in the downstairs of the station, nothing dramatic but apparently even with all the boats passing they haven't got any photos of the station from the sea.

Peter kindly showed us around the Station and let the boys have a look through the very powerful binoculars, while Don and Byron keep up their work of logging every thing that passes the Station, from ships, boats, kayaks, debris and even dead marine animals.

Thanks to Peter for showing us all around and chaeck out their website it is very informative and has a very good weather report for the area around Nells Point. 

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Anonymous said...

HI Guys just to let you know our web cam is back on line at Nells Point