Friday, 22 April 2011

Ramsey Island En Masse 22-04-2011

With Kurt and Phillippa returning home later this evening and both of them keen to paddle around Ramsey Island for the first time I went along to provide a little moral support and for the second day running I was paddling around Ramsey.

So with Chris and Amanda also coming along a small armada of sea kayaks left Porthsele and paddled Southward through Ramsey Sound.

The sky looked very dark over St Brides Bay and sure enough as we reached the Bitches the heavens opened and we all got a good soaking. Luckily it seemed to be just a shower and it started to ease as we paddled toward the South of Ramsey.

Like yesterday the conditions were near perfect especially as the rain had now stopped.

As usual the tide was in our favour as we paddled through Twll Dillyn which after passing through we all stopped for a rest in the calm water in Bay Dillyn.

With everyone refreshed we started our paddle Northward up along the West coast of Ramsey with the sun trying to break through.

The height of the Western cliffs of Ramsey can be clearly seen as Kurt's kayak is dwarfed by them.

The sea state stayed near perfect as we continued paddling Nortward with Kurt giving me a dressing down for keeping this place secret from him!

As we reached the NE point of Ramsey and started our paddle back across Ramsey Sound the water resembled a mill pond.

It was very eerie crossing the Sound with no wind and no tidal movement, it's not very often you can be in the middle of the Sound and be perfectly stationary!

As we neared the mainland the flood tide was starting to run but like the rest of the paddle we couldn't have got our timing much better.
I hope everyone enjoyed the paddle around Ramsey and with the conditions we had today my moral support was not needed.


Ian said...

Lovely stuff! :o)

Richard said...

Thanks Ian,they were near perfect conditions.
I have paddled around Ramsey many times and I can't remember it being that calm for a long time.